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Checkout the “Godfather Wine Tour“, curated by Brian Kasper. 

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Delivering a memorable experience that lives up to our brand is what it’s all about.  Fusing the most iconic brand of classic luxury with modern technology requires thoughtful consideration.  We strive to be your confidant and earn your trust by delivering unique experiences along your journey.  It takes experience but it also takes a willingness by your chauffeur to live the brand and make your night stand out. 

Preparation and organization is essential from pre-trip checklists to thoughtful extras like umbrella, and first aid kits.  Did you know 12 women going out for a bachelorette party are bound to need one little bandaid to ease the aches and pains of a new blister forming inside her new stilettos.  Maybe, we shouldn’t give away the secret sauce, so we’ll only share a few tips publicly, but it’s starts with attitude and creating a culture of excellence when delivering a high level of service.

With our chauffeur service dialed-in, it’s all about curating special itineraries.  Currently, I am making site visits with various restaurant and wineries to create unique experiences for wine tours, and restaurants with wine pairings.  Each nuance on its own is a small item but collectively it crescendos into a truly unique life experience that creates special memories.

It’s perhaps my favorite part of being an entrepreneur, like a chef playfully combining new ingredients for a new special.   With the right attitude, chauffeurs, and partners, we vow to bring bring joy, class and dignity for our guests.  The long term goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our customers and vendors and of course, and never forgetting to have fun along the way! 


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